People often tell us that our business is so exciting catching criminals and saving people and businesses from certain disaster. It must be interesting to just go to work everyday. How in the world do you find out so much information? Is it a secret?

Well, it is exciting and definitely an interesting profession, but alas there are no secret strategies about this industry. If you could magically jump from your computer into ours you would find the process pretty routine much like any finely tuned business.

The Network Research Systems Headquarters are nestled in a beautiful office park located in Charlotte North Carolina. Once you enter our building you would find the lobby and reception area and here you would be halted, as the nature of our business is confidential and effective security measures are always in place. But once cleared to enter you would first be led into the main bay area where our various departments are located. Here you will find staff members working on various aspects of the project you requested.

First you will see the criminal and driving records diagnostics section where actual court criminal records and DMV manifests are pulled from over three thousand counties and fifty states. Records are also obtained from limited International data fields here as well. The troops stay pretty busy in this department because there are a lot of bad folks out and about trying to access our lives daily.

Next you will notice many of our staff talking into headsets by their phones. No these aren’t telemarketers, actually they’re doing phone interviews checking on education records, verifying information from past employers that applicants have provided. They focus on uncovering deceit, its amazing how many people falsify their employment or education

Some of the researchers are assigned to our Child Safety program and they specialize in searching Sex Offender data fields looking for known predators for our many clients many of which are schools. They stay in close contact with Law Enforcement officials to report violations and update information.

It’s a little noisy here so lets move on to a quieter section, over near the large glass window you will see our State and Federal computer terminals these stations are tied into several States and Federal sources like Social Security to locate illegal aliens applying for jobs the Federal courts and even elements of the Patriot Act database which helps us track known terrorists or International criminals who try to rent property or infiltrate companies, now that can be very exciting.

In the Senior Staff researchers offices you seen our team going over assignments like Tenant and Employment applications looking for hidden addresses the applicant may not have listed on their application or resume ( Yes! We have that capability)
The team looks for “Red Flags” intended to mislead our researchers. The files are checked and rechecked several times before going to finishing where the project is completed. We are proud to say this is what separates us from the competition N.R.S actually investigates each case assignment.

In a spacious office adjacent to the bay area is the Operations Director and it’s his job to insure that the jobs flow through the system smoothly. Here the Director can monitor the work flow as it comes in while the work is in preparation and can track each job to its completion. The Director also integrates with customer service to insure customer satisfaction and quality control.

Across the large bay area is Research and Development where full time staff is constantly negotiating to buy into new sophisticated data fields and specialized host systems to better serve our clients. Database access changes daily and Network Research System must change with them. If we just got our information from the Internet then anybody could do it.

As we walk by the break room we see a door that leads to our Information –Technology officer’s area. This is where the all the computers and servers are maintained, some systems must run 24 hours a day and just like with your many expensive computers they must be scrutinized for security and operational service seven days a week. This section is also responsible for our Computer Forensics Investigations (C.F.I.) this is a really powerful service these folks can recover deleted files from almost any kind of Hard Drive damaged or not. The work is intensive and time consuming but their results are revelations for our clients.

Finally has we head back toward the lobby we will pass the administrative offices.
Pretty dry stuff here, but the point is now you know the workings of this industry and yes, it is exciting and we do enjoy coming to work because each day brings us dramatic results and we are doing good things for good people.

Thank you for taking the tour and have a great day.

- N.R.S. Doing business since 1990 -

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