Is there a National criminal record database?

Yes! It is called the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). However the system can only be accessed by law enforcement personnel. It is not available to the general public. If a company tells you they can check national criminals then beware there is no technology available at this time for that type of search. Here at Network Research Systems we have a proprietary database called M.A.C.E. (Multi Criminal Access Evaluator) which can check up to twenty states for criminal records and thirty three states for Department of Correction data. We use M.A.C.E. in conjunction with other criminal searches.

I want to check my neighbors criminal record. Do I need a release from him?

No! Criminal records are public information. As long as you are not using the information for employment purposes, any citizen can access the records.

We did a background screen on a potential applicant and found out that he was arrested on two occasions for sexual assault on a child. Can we refuse to hire him?

The determination to hire or not hire is clearly defined; A company can only refuse employment based on convictions and not arrests. That is why we check only court records and not police records.

I want to hire a nice young lady, but she told me that she is a convicted felon. The incident happened when she was very young and she has not been in trouble since. What do you think I should do?

This is a good question. Here at Network Research Systems our company policy is zero tolerance with convicted felons. They no longer have the same citizen’s rights as we have and they can not vote or own a firearm. This is also a social issue and some companies do have programs in place to help people transition back into the general public by working in conjunction with local Half-Way-Houses.

Your company reported to my employer that I have a criminal record in New Jersey. This is actually my brother who used my identification when he was arrested. Can you fix this error for me?

No! Our office does not create records in any jurisdiction. We simply report what the jurisdiction has listed in their respective records. We recommend you contact the reporting agency and try to resolve the matter. You may need to retain an attorney to get the results you are looking for.

I recently found a company that charges $5.00 per applicant for criminal records and they say they can search up to twenty states. Why should I pay more with your company?

Those types of databases are called “novelty searches” in our industry. The information they provide is outdated. They also use a private fugitive database which means the information contained in them is from public sources i.e.; Newspapers and other media formats.
The information does not come from the court system, which means the data is not accurate or current. As in most industries you will find these boiler room businesses lurking around the internet highways. There are also companies that buy large blocks of criminal records from the courts every six to eight months. Again, the information is outdated and you may not find that an applicant was recently arrested. It will not show up in their database for up to a year in some cases.

I have noticed your national large competitors are somewhat less money than Network Research Systems. Why is that?

Network Research Systems conducts "investigative research". This means we do not just pull information from a database then pass it on to our clients. We dig deeper and look for what we call “red flags” on an application or resume. Our national competitors are huge mega corporations that employ thousands of people. Because of their volume they simply do not have the time to give your case the attention it deserves. We have been in business going on seventeen years and we designed many of the programs the mega corporations use today. Here at Network Research Systems your new case gets the same consideration we use when we hire an applicant. Your hire is our hire.

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