The reason you have visited this site is known only to you. It is a safe assumption that you arrived here to learn more about the dynamics of background screening as it pertains to your business and your personal life.
What exactly is background screening?

Background screening has been around as long as records have been kept. With the technology available today these records can be searched electronically through various databases across the country. Since the inception of this technology companies like Network Research Systems have tapped into theses available databases to obtain the records you need to make sound decisions.

Network Research Systems searches legal sources of public record information and reports the results to you. Logging into many of the systems that we use is expensive and there are high monthly maintenance costs but we are able to keep the prices low due to the large volume of screens we conduct. Also due to privacy issues, most other websites will not sell their records to the general public. In many cases our company must pass rigid standards that are in place by these host systems in order to access them.

The systems we search include, but are not limited to:
  • Credit reports for personal employment and business purposes
  • Civil records (state and federal) for past and pending judgments, liens and lawsuits
  • Criminal records (felony and misdemeanor) for arrests and convictions
  • Sexual offender/sexual predator files
  • Property records for asset searches
  • Motor Vehicle systems for vehicle information and driving history manifests
  • Immigration sources for citizenship verification
  • Identity verification to uncover Identity theft
  • Social Security Administration access for fraud cases
  • Patriot Act

What types of people seek out background screeners?

Mostly employers that want to hire high caliber safe personnel, but many individuals use these systems as well. Network Research Systems has a large client base composed of professionals and the general public that need information to make a hiring or personal decision. People looking for babysitters, nannies, or private health care providers are fast becoming a large segment of our industry.

Intriguingly enough, we are receiving more calls from families that want their daughter's boyfriend checked out because they worry for her safety or a grandmother who is financially sound and wants to re-marry a man that the family feels could be a liability to the well being of their loved one.
Network Research Systems has clients that have a need for skip traces (locating persons that are hiding) on people that owe them money or for finding dead-beat parents that will not pay their mandated court alimony and child care. Managers are now screening their employees when they want to promote them. More and more we are seeing companies re-screen their personnel at least once a year to ensure company drivers still have their operator licenses in good standing and to make sure employees have not been involved in any criminal activity throughout the year. Several times a week you will read or hear of people who have been tricked by some type of sophisticated scam. It is always sad news to hear because it simply does not have to be that way just by taking some time and checking out nefarious companies can cut their losses to an absolute zero.

Prevention is the key to keeping these types of situations from happening to you. Be sure to stay proactive when it comes to the security of your family and your company.

For a history of the screening industry, click here to read the PDF.

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